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Reduce Foundation Cost for both Seismic Retrofit and New Construction.
Viscous Dampers greatly reduce foundation loads.

Viscous dampers act like shock absorbers to reduce motion and forces in a structure during an earthquake.

Foundation forces reduce by as much as 40%.

Foundation cost in a new structure can be much less.

Seismic retrofit costs less and is less intrusive.

We work with you on the design and analysis of the structural system and foundation.

Help your clients reduce overall cost.  Attract new clients with this space-age, proven technology.  Over 600 structures use Taylor Devices viscous dampers to reduce loads.

A building with dampers will survive a major earthquake with very little damage.  Dampers provide major cost savings through  minimum loss of occupancy (often immediate occupancy), minimum repair cost (usually cosmetic only), and possible insurance premium reduction.

There is much more information on our main web page including over 100 technical papers.  www.taylordevices.com.
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30% reduction in base shear for
a tall building by using dampers.  This is typical.  You can achieve up to 40% reduction.  This is an excerpt from